About the Indiana READI Program

Indiana is committed to investing in the growth and prosperity of the individuals and families that call the Hoosier state home. READI builds on the framework and successes of the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative and the 21st Century Talent Initiative, encouraging neighboring communities across the state to work collaboratively to develop a bold vision for their future that, when implemented, will attract, develop and retain talent in Indiana.

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Quality of Place

Quality of Place investments are all about unleashing the potential of Indiana communities and laying the groundwork of a strong infrastructure for growth. These investments offer diverse housing options to fit every Hoosier's budget and needs. Our commitment focuses on top-notch infrastructure services, building the foundation for neighborhoods to thrive. From constructing homes and making housing investments to enhancing water, wastewater, and road systems, as well as fostering vibrant mixed-use developments, our capital and infrastructure projects ignite excitement and pave the way toward a bright future.

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Quality of Life

Quality of Life investments continue to elevate Indiana into a place that Hoosiers can embrace and proudly call home. We’re investing in amenities and experiences that add vibrancy and contribute to the local economy, turning communities into magnets that attract people from all walks of life. That means developing and enhancing breathtaking trails, crafting parks, showcasing vibrant cultural activities, and improving childcare facilities. Through these investments, we are committed to prioritizing and nurturing the well-being of families that call Indiana home.

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Quality of Opportunity

Quality of Opportunity focuses on turbocharging the economy and creating better opportunities for Indiana residents. We're laser-focused on enhancing job prospects and growing wages. Investments in new and revitalized facilities and infrastructure will create jobs, expand education, create training opportunities, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The future is brimming with opportunity.

READI Programs

About READI 2.0

Talent retention and attraction remain critical to Indiana’s long-term economic development prospects and its quality of opportunity goals. For READI 2.0, there is an opportunity to generate stronger returns for Indiana and our individual community partners through greater alignment between the IEDC and our partner regions in goal and project identification and financial support.

15 Participating Regions 2023

About READI 2.0 Region Map

  • Accelerate Rural Indiana
  • East Central
  • Indiana First
  • Greater Lafayette
  • North Central
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Our Southern Indiana
  • South Bend-Elkhart
  • South Central
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Indiana Uplands
  • Wabash River
  • Central Indiana
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